Tips and Tricks To Upgrade items in Stick war Legacy

Tips and Tricks To Upgrade items in Stick war Legacy

Stick War Legacy is a strategy based real time game in which you can improve your strategy and skills, and on their basis, you can manage resources within the game and upgrade units.

Like when you upgrade in Stick War Legacy, anything you upgrade enhances your power compared to the enemies, for example, units attacking that enemies do, besides that, there is an increase in defense and health.

The upgrades in Stick War Legacy depend on what you’re upgrading, which character, and their weapons. Have you seen what you’re upgrading and how you play? Let’s look at some Tips and Tricks To Upgrade items in Stick war Legacy below that can help you make better upgrades.

Miner Hustle (Upgrade)

Miners do not have the option of direct upgrading. They can’t be upgraded but researching technologies can make their performance better and efficient. They can mine faster with the researching technology like:

  • 1. Keep looking for the anvil icon and hammer in tech menu of Stick War Legacy to find the option of upgradation.
  • 2. Find out the research route named as MINER HUSTLE or it may be of some other name.
  • 3. As the stage level increases, you will find several miner hustles that will increase the mining efficiency of players.
  • 4. Upgradation will cost you gold and mana.
  • 5. Miner hustle will increase the speed of your miners to get and mine the gold faster.

Miner Upgrade priority


It is very crucial to invest in upgrades for your miner Hustle Skill in the starting stages of the game. The more faster the more gold you will get and as a result you will build more stronger and efficient army and defense.

You must maintain the balance of upgradations, means if you are boosting and upgrading your miners, then you must take care for the other resources to be upgraded as well then you will get most of the benefits.

Statue Health in stick war legacy


If you want a consistent gold flow, then you should must also take care of the statue health. The more stronger the statue is in the stick war legacy the more gold you can mine without being getting attacked.

It is very difficult to destroy a stronger and upgraded health statue. You can peacefully mine for longer without stopping the work and bring more gold to secure your wealth with each level of research. So, upgrading the health of statue will worth it to perform well in the game.

It is very important to make your statue stronger from the very beginning of the game as it will protect your miners from being getting attacked. It will let your miners to work in a peaceful environment and they will grab more gold for you, as a result you can increase your wealth in the game to upgrade your stuff. So here are some strategies you may follow:

  • Strong defense: You can build walls and archers around your statue , it will not let the enemies attack you and your miners will work peacefully and without interruption.
  • Winning Streaks: The more battles you will win the more gold you will get in the game.

Stick War Legacy Campaign and survival


Campaign and Survival will give you the gold rewards when you take part in campaign and being survived. With this gold, you can upgrade your defense, units and technology, arches and other stuff in the game.

You must join the Campaign and Survival where you can apply all your moves and strategies to be played well in the game. Earn the golds, upgrade the army for future fights and levels, and become the best player of the game.

If you win multiple times having the consistency, you will be rewarded with extra gold bonus in stick war legacy .You can unlock new soldier types like giant archers, or mages, they will strength you more in the battles.

Deathmatch Mode in stick war legacy


Deathmatch mode in Stick War Legacy emphasis on pure fighting, a war between you and your enemy to the end.

  • 1. You will just purely fight in the deathmatch mode, no gold will be mined. fight will be the just only thing done in the game to get the gold.
  • 2. It lets you fight directly with the player, so you can practice your moves, fighting strategies and tactics here.
  • 3. Deathmatch mode starts the battle right away and throw you in the battle field to fight quickly without any waiting.

Benefits of Deathmatch Mode

The more fights you win in Deathmatch mode in Stick War legacy , the mor egold you will get. And guess what? You can use this gold to upgrade your army, your statue, your miners and the gaming stuff in the game from the menu tab.

It is best way to get the gold without mining in the game. Directly join the battle and win it with the stronger army to get more gold rewards. Practice your fighting strategies and become a more efficient and stronger army.

Effective Unit Production upgrades


In Stick War Legacy,  it is not enough to have a stronger unit but it will work out if you have the efficient unit production as well. Stronger unit and efficient unit production both are needed to perform well in the game. Here are some strategies you may consider to create efficient unit production:

  • 1. Firstly, you have to upgrade that stuff and things that will get you more gold and let your miners get the gold more faster. It may include upgrading your miners, your soldier characters such as archers, giants and spears.
  • 2. Build your units wisely, just create what you need in the fight to win. Don’t create useless units.
  • 3. Try to play the deathmatch mode in the game to earn more gold without mining. And use it wisely on the upgradation of stuff as it will be helpful for you to become a more efficient player in the game.
  • 4. You must choose your soldiers that can beat you enemy. Use your best archers, giants, long ranger archers and your spearmen to win the battle.


In Stick War Legacy Mod APK, you will find many things that you can enjoy by upgrading unlimitedly so that you can gain more benefits against the enemy. In this article, I’ve explained how you can maximize upgrades and manage resources to increase gold. You can collect more gold by upgrading miners and utilize these modes: Campaign, Survival, and Deathmatch, which will enhance your skills, resulting in more gold earnings and unlocking new units.

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