Stick war legacy vs Stickman KungFu

Stick war legacy vs Stickman KungFu Master

INTRODUCTION Stick war legacy vs Stickman – KungFu Master

Both games are designed for addictive players who enjoy playing Stickman. They each have their unique features. “Stick War Legacy” is a strategy game where you have to protect your empire through a Stick character as a leader, fend off enemies, and save your people and empire. On the other hand, “Stickman – KungFu Master” is an action game that generates a lot of interest among players. In this game, Stickman uses Kung Fu techniques to defend against enemies, and it is fully animated. Let’s delve into more details in the article.

comparison table

Following the comparison table, key highlights of each game are outlined below

FeaturesStick War Legacy Mod APKStickman – KungFu Master
DeveloperMax Games StudiosMagicHouse
Game TypeStrategicAction
GameplayStrategy, resource management, army buildingKung Fu techniques, enemy defense
Game sizeUpdate-dependent variability 
Update-dependent variability
Game ControlsEasy to learn and masterHard to learn
Purchases within the appYes, which is free in our mod versionYES, BUT PAID
Release DateJan 31, 2016Apr 6, 2022
Requires Android5.1 and upAndroid 8.0 and up
Play store Rating4.74.2

FEATURES comperastion 

Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Stick War Legacy offers a unique strategy gameplay. Players lead stick characters through which they build armies and defend their empire against enemies. Some of its features include strategic battles, resource management, gold mining, and empire-building. It is available on different devices such as Android and iOS.

Stickman – KungFu Master

Stickman – KungFu Master is an action game in which you showcase your skills as a Kung Fu practitioner through Stickman characters. Players use Kung Fu techniques to defend themselves against enemies. This game is fully animated and dynamic, which makes it very attractive to play. It is available on multiple platforms such as Android and iOS.

GAme play overview 

Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Stick War Legacy is a strategy game that requires a player to carefully plan their next move. In this game, you build your army using stick characters so that you can expand your empire and support your gold miners. During matches, when your gold miners go to mine gold, if the enemy tries to stop you from taking the gold, you must defend not only your empire but also protect your miners. Overall, it’s a very good game.

Stickman – KungFu Master

Stickman – KungFu Master is a fully action game where you control your stickman character who is skilled in KungFu. In this game, you have to protect yourself from enemies during matches. You can upgrade abilities and unlock new moves. It offers fast-paced action and challenging levels that excite players about what will happen next on the next level. This game is good for those who enjoy playing action games.


Stick War Legacy Mod APK

You can customize your Stickman character in which unlimited Stick War Legacy Mod APK has been provided, which you can download from my site. In this, you can customize all the features of characters according to your preference completely free.

KungFu Master

You can transform your KungFu Master character, but this is limited because it is the normal version in which you will get limited things like One Gun Stickman. If you want to upgrade them, you will have to pay or purchase within the game. Only then will you be able to upgrade or customize something.


Stick War Legacy Mod APK

In the Stick War Legacy Mod menu, you can get unlimited gems, gold, and upgrade all 999 armies within the game for free. This means you can build unlimited armies, upgrade weapons, and unlock captions without any worries about paying for anything.

KungFu Master

In this game, you’ll have to operate with limited features. If you want to upgrade or buy something, you’ll need to make purchases with in-game currency, as I mentioned earlier.


After comparing Stick War Legacy Mod APK with Stickman – KungFu Master, it’s evident that Stick War Legacy offers a strategic gameplay experience where players lead stick characters to build armies, defend empires, and manage resources without the need for in-game purchases thanks to the mod version. On the other hand, Stickman – KungFu Master is an action-packed game requiring players to use Kung Fu techniques to defend against enemies, albeit with limited customization and the necessity of paid upgrades within the game. Overall, Stick War Legacy Mod APK provides a more comprehensive and engaging gaming experience without financial constraints.

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